cargolab squats the schilthorn -
and bond can't help it!

due to the labs 10th anniversary it proudly presents its first international screenprinting exhibition at Exile on Mainstreets Snowboardmuseum - Mürren/CH, situated 1650m a.s.l. in the Siwss Alps at the foot of the Schilthorn with its famous Bond location Piz Gloria on top:
in the late 60s James Bond conquered the Schilthorn single-handedly and blasted the supervillain Blofeld off the summit. since then he squats the mountain with the bond industry in his back.
50 years later the peak is now once again threatened by another unfriendly takeover: cargolab hits the road or rather the Mürren- and the Schilthornbahn with its containers to squat Piz Gloria. and like the subtitle reveals: this time Bond got the short end of the stick - time for a new spectacle on the summit!

"cargolab squats the schilthorn - and bond can't help it!" is a series of 9 screenprints on 24x30cm MDF in an edition of 2 each. also displayed as bitmapgraphics here.